Venus Drawn Out

Armory Art Week, New York

March 5th, 2014

This exhibition will focus exclusively on drawings made by innovative, female visionaries in the 20th century and will be comprised of works for sale selected by the curator from submissions made by galleries participating in the fair. Venus Drawn Out will present an account of modern art through a cast of protagonists who are often underestimated when compared with their male counterparts. The intimate and direct genre of drawing is ideally suited to this “exhibition within an art fair” as an expressive vehicle to present a vast range of personal, aesthetic, and intellectual investigations.

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Toxic Beauty: The Art of Frank Moore

Grey Art Gallery, New York University, New York, New York

Fall 2012

Spanning his entire career, Toxic Beauty was a major survey of work by this remarkable artist whose life was cut short by AIDS. The show took place at both the Grey Art Gallery and at Fales Library which houses the Frank Moore Archive. Featuring figurative and highly detailed, large-scale paintings that address ecological concerns and the crisis of AIDS and the health care industry, Toxic Beauty presented, as well, drawings, numerous sketchbooks, films, maquettes, source materials and ephemera.

Pat Steir: Drawing out of line

RISD Art Museum, Providence, RI February – July, 2o1o

Traveled to Neuberger Museum, Purchase, NY Septermber – December 2010

Drawing out of Line explored the role of Steir’s drawing in the context of her ongoing aesthetic, conceptual, personal and philosophical investigations and lay bare the extent of her contributions to the field of contemporary drawing. It was a thorough and provocative survey that examined the full range of gestures the artist evolved from the seventies through the present. It focused, in particular, on six bodies of graphic output that corresponded to definitive moments of research and accomplishment in Steir’s career.

Jim Hodges: This line to you

Centro Galego de Arte Comtempranea, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

October 19, 2005 – January 8, 2006

This line to you offered an opportunity to experience for the first time the whole of Hodges’ multivalent vision and to consider the overlapping and intersecting threads that join the richly diverse aspects of his work. Works were installed on the walls and in the spaces of the contemporary museum as well as in the adjacent 13th century church which, like the city of Santiago de Compostela, itself, was imbued with a mystical air that is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Hodges’ work.

Nancy Spero: Weighing the Heart Against the Feather of Truth

Centro Galego de ARte Contemporanea, San de Compostela, Spain

September 24, 2004 – January 6, 2005

Spero’s first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum, Weighing the Heart Against a Feather of Truth, featured masterworks from throughout the artist’s oeuvre. Widely acknowledged as a pioneer in feminist art, Spero has been an inspiration to several generations of artists for having challenged the status quo in ideological, humanitarian and aesthetic domains. Her epic narratives of celebration and suffering extended horizontally across and vertically into the real space of the museum—complimenting the dramatic lines, surfaces, light and shifts in scale of the museum’s architecture and, no less, the historic, religious, and symbolic splendor of Santiago de Compostela.

Richard Tuttle: Memento/cENTER

MuseuSerralves, Porto, Portugal and Centro Galego de Arte Contemporenea, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

June 28 – September 29, 2002

Two exhibitions, conceived autonomously for two museums in neighboring cities and countries–they were, nevertheless, envisioned by artist and curator as complimentary components of a larger, if intangible whole—thus, transcending the conventional time and space coordinates of an exhibition. At the Museu de Serravles, the artist’s sculptural ideas were intertwined with the romance of the villa, with the exhibition taking the form of a multi-part sculpture that occupied a number of rooms and spaces while generating an active interaction between art, viewer and architecture. At Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, the exhibition was inspired by the spirituality that permeates the city and the significance of the act of pilgrimage as a metaphor for the joy of life’s journey in all of its fullness.